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Specializing in Long Haired German Shepherds
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Crooked River German Shepherds
"Specializing in Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs"

With an emphasis on "Health and Temperament"

Here are a few gorgeous puppies we have produced over the years.



We are a small kennel located on 2 acres of land in Atwater, Ohio
where we are fortunate enough to have lots of room for our dogs to run, jump and play.

At Crooked River, we strive to produce German Shepherds that are family companion's first and foremost.  
 Our dogs are not high drive dog, working, "need a job" German Shepherds.  We breed for calm, laid back, intelligent, loving family dogs with an "off" switch.  Our dogs have wonderful temperaments, are easily trained and have sound minds and bodies.   We strive to produce a dog that your family can live with day to day but be large enough to make a "bad guy" think twice.  German Shepherds are born with the instinct to protect their family.  You may never see your dog act protective until such a time as is needed.  Hopefully you will never ever have to see it.  We believe that a well bred dog that the family can handle will be more likely to always have a home.  
German Shepherds can have different coat lengths - Short, Plush and Long Coats (long haired).   We produce more long coats than the other two lengths.  Long hair German Shepherds have two different coat types.  Long stock coat and long coat.  A long haired stock coat has dense undercoat and a longer top layer of hair.  A true long hair coat does not have the under coat.  I personally find that my long stock coats do not shed as much as my plush stock coat.  I know it sounds unlikely but it's true.  

German Shepherds can come in a variety of colors, not just the show dog look of black and tan saddle back.  There are also black and reds, black and silver, black and cream, bi-colors (all black with just a touch of coloring on legs, face and possibly chest),  Sable, solid white and solid Black.  It is possible for us to produce any of these colors if we have the correct combination of dogs.

Something to note:  We do not breed conformation show dogs.  Our dogs are usually too large to be shown.  The AKC German Shepherd standard states that:
 "The desired height for males at the top of the highest point of the shoulder blade is 24 to 26 inches; and for bitches, 22 to 24 inches."  Our breeding dogs are almost all above that standard.  We do not generally show our dogs because of the height standard.  

If you are looking for a wonderful, large German Shepherd family companion
then you have come to the right place!

Thank you!  Kelly Nash

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