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About Me


I hope you have enjoyed my website, the pictures of my dogs and some of the dogs that I have produced. As you can see, I offer a wide variety of colors, but health and temperament are my number one priority.  I publish my health testing.  Even the "not so good" results that can happen.  My puppies are all raised with love and care.

I am a very small breeder, producing only a few litters a year.  I do have a "regular" job and do not live off of my dogs.  My goal as a breeder is to provide a healthy companion that you can love and cherish as much as I do.  These are truly magnificent creatures and I would be honored to share them with you.

Please contact me if you are interested in one of my puppies.  (Email is preferred)

Thank you!  Kelly

Me with my boy Draven

Me with Draven's Sire, Wolf 

Meet my team of puppy socializers.

They do a terrific job of handling the babies and getting them emotionally ready for their new homes. 
As you can see my babies get lots of love, cuddling and care.

And the big dogs are not forgotten either, they too get lots of love and affection!

email us at:

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