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Kelly Nash, Owner

email address:

Please note:
Email is my preferred method of communication.

By phone you can reach me at  330-328-1970, Please leave a message.
Please be patient with regard to phone calls.   I spend quite a bit of time tending
to my dogs and/or puppies so it can take a little longer for me to respond by phone.  I also work a full time job.  I do not live off my dogs. Email is much quicker and easier for me to respond to timely as I do this most of the time late at night. 

I receive many solicitor calls because my number is published on the internet.  Because of that reason I now screen my calls.  If I don't know your number I listen to the message then make a call back.

Thank you for understanding!  Kelly

CROOKED RIVER Long Coated German Shepherds
 is located in Atwater, Ohio, U.S.A


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