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PRICING & General Information



Pricing and General Information

My German Shepherds are purebred dogs. Please note that German Shepherds come in a variety of colors.  Check out the Before and After page for some examples of the different coat colors and types that we have produced.

Puppy Pricing (effective 9/15/16):
Puppies are $2,300.00 (unless otherwise stated) with limited (non-breeding) AKC or UKC registration papers*.   I do offer a couple discount options which are listed below and you can take advantage of both if you would like to:

1.) $150.00 discount, if you want to opt out of the registration papers on your puppy*

2.) $150.00 discount, if you want to opt out of the warranty on your puppy** 
Choosing both options can save you $300.00.

Please Note:  Beginning in 2013 I am now required to add sales tax to each puppy sold to residents of Ohio.  Currently, the rate of tax is 7.25% added to the final sale price of each puppy.

*Please note: No registration papers are given with the puppies at the time of sale. Proof of spay/neuter from your veterinarian is required to receive limited registration papers on all puppies.  I do not sell my puppies with breeding rights.  If you have a preference on registering bodies please let me know before putting down a deposit.

**Please note:  If you choose to go without a warranty on your puppy there will be no replacement for that puppy if a normally warranted health problem should arise.  If you have any questions regarding the warranty please ask before putting down a deposit.


Puppies come with:
First set of vaccinations and health check given by my veterinarian
Have been de-wormed multiple times
Vaccination record
Hip/Elbow Warranty or discount
Limited Registration Papers (after proof of spay/neuter) or discount

Reservations/Deposits (updated 6/25/16):
The breeder is always first pick of any litter produced here of both genders.  If I do not choose to keep a puppy then that pick will fall to whoever is second on the list.  Please note that I do not expect, nor want, people asking to reserve certain puppies until around 7 weeks.  I need to have had a chance to evaluate the litter and discuss with you which puppy will do best for you and your family.  Picking a puppy on looks alone is never a good practice.  Some puppies are not suitable for all families.  Please be aware that we reserve the right to withhold purchase of a certain puppy if we feel that you and that particular puppy are not a good match based upon living arrangements/activity level, etc.  Please understand that this is for the good of all involved.  We do not want you, nor the puppy being in a situation that both are doomed to fail.  Our goal is forever, happy homes for our puppies!

Reservations are $500.00 and made by personal email or phone call on a first come first serve basis.  After approval by us, receipt of your deposit and your completed contract. Once the puppies are born I will notify everyone on that litter's reservation list.  Your deposit is applied toward the final price of the puppy.   Please note that deposits are non-refundable so please make sure this is the breed for you before you reserve and pay a deposit.  No puppy will be reserved and held without a deposit.  Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to another litter with written approval by us.  Deposits can be made by personal check but the check must have time to clear before the puppy is 6 weeks old. Otherwise, cash, a cashiers check or money order is required.

Vet Visit:
I suggest that as soon as you know when you will be getting your puppy that you schedule a vet visit.  A check up by your vet is a good double check against my vet.  Vet check ups must be within the first 3 (three) working days of pick up/delivery of your puppy if you are getting the hip/elbow warranty.  If you do not take the puppy to the vet within the 3 (three) working days the hip/elbow portion of the contract become null and void so this is a very important appointment.

Pet Insurance:
I recommend and suggest that all puppy buyers purchase a health insurance  plan for their new pup.  I don't suggest this because I breed unhealthy puppies but because it is the responsible thing to do as a dog owner.   Please see the
Health Insurance link for more information.  I personally carry it on my dogs, as do many of my puppy owners.  You will be surprised at how reasonable the cost is.  With the rising cost of vet care, Pet Insurance helps you pay your unexpected veterinary bills, so if your pet has an accident or becomes ill, you’ve got help covering the costs.  It can also give you good peace of mind, knowing that you can afford to provide the best quality medical care for your pet.


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Please note, I am an independent breeder and not affiliated with any other breeder or kennel.

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