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A get-together in June of 2013 with a group of friends.  Yes all these dogs get along together and it says a lot about the temperaments of these dogs and their owners that have trained them.   A lot of these dogs are from my kennel. 
I am very proud of all of them.

Mischa and Harvey chilling together.

Some of our current puppy owners visit from time to time and we have fun get-togethers.


This is a collection of miscellaneous pictures.

1/5/2013 - Brothers Vasko and Jimmy celebrate their 2nd birthday together.  

Summer 2012 Get-together in NY

We took a group of dogs to Niagara Falls, NY in August, 2012
They were a real hit with the tourists



Rommel and his owner





    Group hug for the puppies                    Rocko as a baby with his owners


    Jimmy Choo as a wee baby                                                  Gunther with a buddy



 Draven doing his therapy work


A doggy get-together


These guys love water and relax in their pools




The brothers, Jimmy Choo and Vasko

Rocko                                         Rommel


Cindy and Major


Relaxing and enjoying good company

A group shot at one of our get-togethers


Dimitri with his new owners

Proud Papa Rommel with one of his babies

Draven and Mischa celebrate St. Patricks Day

Some people say my dogs are as big as small ponies.
Maybe there is a little pony in them, as they seem to like to graze like horses do.

Spring get together 2012


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